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Who is at Fault for a Massive Car Pile-Up?

In general, the more vehicle that are involved in an accident, the more complicated it will to find out what exactly.  For instance, figuring out a person’s liability is more difficult when several automobiles hit each other in relative sequence.  Nevertheless, the circumstances of a case can be identified by Utah automobile accident lawyers following comprehensive research of the incident.


What to do if you have been involved in an accident?

The first thing to do is to ensure that everyone is acting carefully and calmly.  Safety of you and others should be kept as the number one priority.  If you and any passengers can safely leave your vehicle and move to the side of the road you may want to consider doing so.  If however you are pinned, stuck or suffering from severe injuries it is probably best to wait until emergency services can arrive to assess the situation.  If there are any impending threats such as flames or smoke it may be essential to get out of the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible.

If you are able to use your phone it is important for future reference to get your own pictures of video of the accident scene.  If you choose to do this, try and get many pictures detailing your vehicle, and other vehicles involved in the accident.  It can also be helpful to get pictures and video of any injuries, and the circumstances of the accident including street signs, lights and any factors that can limit visibility such as snow or rain.  Ensure you provide a police statement and that you know where to gain a copy of the police report in the future.  All of the items referenced above can be helpful evidence to help establish your case in the future.

Why Multiple Vehicle Accidents Happen?

There are countless reasons that large car and truck accidents can happen.  As a practicing firm, we typically see 5 factors that lead to most accidents.  This includes speeding, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, distracted driving, drowsy driving and operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner for weather conditions.  Despite the fact that these accidents are large, they are not surprisingly caused by the same things as pedestrian accidents and commercial trucking crashes.

Who is Liable in a Multi-Vehicle Mishap?

Most people that are involved, the more stories and facts can become convoluted.  That is why it is important for injured people and their families to seek representation.  The examination by our Salt Lake City Accident Attorneys entails several steps to gather the necessary evidence to support your case including:

  • Individual interviews with the drivers and passengers
  • Conducting witness meetings
  • Making use of accident reconstruction specialists
  • Analyzing any video or CCTV video footage
  • A comprehensive examination of vehicle damage
  • Examining the initial reports taken by police at the scene.
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