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Working as a personal injury attorney in Utah is quite a bittersweet endeavor. It is a career filled with joy, pain, happiness, sadness, trials, and victories. Through the years I have been right there with my clients as they and their families go through more hardships and challenges then I could possibly imagine. I have seen strong families truly overcome the disastrous tribulations of a loved one suffering from a personal injury. It is true that when someone you care about is hurting or in pain you are suffering with them. I know it may sound hard to believe coming from a personal injury attorney, but I truly do care about you and your situation. I became a lawyer to help people, and it is because of that reason that I have been practicing as a Utah attorney for almost two decades.

Jeffrey D. Gooch
Gooch & Robson Injury Attorneys
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I have been a practicing attorney for over 20 years. During that time I have represented a wide range of people, with a wide range of injuries. My clients mean a great deal to me. I have assembled a team that is dedicated to getting the best results for the fantastic people we represent.


There is nothing wrong with admitting that you probably have a lot of fears and doubts in your life right now. Especially if you are the caretaker or breadwinner of other people who are dependent on you. Regardless of the severity of your personal injury, when you are hurt you are not yourself. Sadly, I have seen some of my most loved clients confined to either a bed or a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. What always strikes me the hardest when I see these types of injuries is the reserve and will power these people show. Their concerns are not for themselves but rather they think, “What is going to happen to my family now that I can no longer work?” Besides my children and wife, there is nothing more fulfilling in life than being able to say to these people, “its ok. Let me handle your case and I will do everything in my power to get you the money you need and deserve.”

While money alone can never truly reconcile the pain or loss of quality of life that you have experienced, it does serve a purpose. Not only will monetary compensation help pay for your medical bills, but it can also help to ensure that you and your family will be taken care of during your time of healing. According to the Nations Council of Insurance Institute, claimants who hire attorneys get on average 23 times more money than those who do not. I cannot state enough the importance of working with a Utah personal injury attorney to get the best results possible. Contact our office today for a free analysis of your situation and case audit. Sincere good luck goes out to you and your family from all of us at The Gooch Firm, P.C.

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Injury Case Information

Remember that no amount of independent research can equal the benefits of having a consultation and case audit with an attorney.

As your case develops the more evidence and information you can collect the better your results will be. This includes keeping a journal of your accident progress, keeping receipts, documenting your lost wages and taking photographs and video footage.

PIP stands for personal injury protection and is referred to as “no fault.” In Utah, almost every car and vehicle insurance policy includes a PIP section. Call your insurance adjuster or the insurance adjuster of the car you were in if you were a passenger to collect on the PIP portion of your claim. For the most part, PIP is easy to collect and you will not need an attorney to do so. These benefits should be paid no matter who was at fault of the accident, thus they are a no-fault policy.

Your personal injury attorney should have your best interest at heart. That means not only helping you with the direct legal implications of your case but extending themselves far above the call of duty. A great example of this is when your medical provider is trying to collect on medical bills, and you just don’t have the money to pay them. Your personal injury attorney can talk to your medical providers and have collectors halt payment until your claim has been settled.

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